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Tunneling and TBM technology services

Specialising in tunnel and tunnel boring machine rescue, we (Airvada) are the UK's leading expert in confined spaces for TBM tunnelling and tunnels. We trained the staff on some of the UK's major tunnelling projects including: Crossrail C305; the Scottish Water Shieldhall Project; the Channel Tunnel Rail Link; and Brighton, Hull, Hastings, Folkestone and Belfast waste water treatment projects.

We offer all levels of confined space training

From low to high-risk, with specialist training for rescue team technique specific to tunnels and TBM tunnelling, for tunnels of all sizes between 1.5 and 12 meter diameter. With over twenty years experience in the UK underground search and rescue team, we have incorporated cutting edge, comprehensive specialist techniques into the tunnelling industry.

Supply of equipment

We will advise you on and supply you with the right safety equipment, relevant to the job, for TBM and tunnels, including long and short-term breathing apparatus and access and rescue equipment such as specialist rescue stretchers, portable gas detectors and specialist trauma care equipment (including oxygen administration).

Refuge chamber training

We are probably the only company in the UK to offer highly-specialised training on all makes of tunnel and TBM refuge chambers and onboard re-breather systems, from MineArc to Drager. We offer a comprehensive training programme, system function test and maintenance programme.

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