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Training - what we offer

Every level of confined space training - from low, medium and high-risk rescue team training and top man duties to above City & Guilds standard (6150-01 to 6150-55).

As of April 2017 we offer half-day on-site Manual Handling courses to HSE standards.

Bespoke on-site training programmes for all categories of confined spaces, including staff rescue team training.

City & Guilds standards

What our training covers

How to use gas detectors - from basic, easy-to-use single or disposable gas detectors to more complex portable, multi-gas detectors (these include gas alarm limits, short-term exposure limits, long-term exposure limits, peak levels, time-weighted averages, lower explosive levels and workplace exposure limits for all makes including Drager, Crowcon, MSA, B&W, Scott and Honeywell).

Confined space health and safety legislation

Since 1997, all employees entering a confined space must by law be able to identify a confined space and its hazards and controls. They must also fully understand any associated relevant legislation such as H.A.S.A.W.A 74, L.O.L.E.R, P.U.W.E.R, P.P.E, C.O.S.H.H, C.D.M, first aid and manual handling.

HSE Safe Work in Confined Spaces

Risk assessment

We cover all types of risk assessment and can provide your staff with everything they need to know about confined space safety. We can train them to identify all levels of risk, and make sure they understand the correct control measures and the safest ways to work.

Breathing equipment

We can help your staff get to grips with short-term escape and full-rescue breathing equipment, chemical and 4-hour re-breather sets for all manufacturers including Drager, MSA, ELSA, Sabre and Scott. We can also teach any level from basic to complex use of tally boards, consumption rates and basic hyperbaric physiology.

Breathing equipment

Access equipment

We are affiliated with Resmar Ltd, and Able Safety Ltd, industry-leading suppliers of confined space equipment. We can provide you with whatever you need - tripods, winches, fall arrestors, davit arms, confined space stretchers, rescue pulleys and forced air ventilation. We can supply you with, and train your staff how to use, all industry-standard or specialized bespoke equipment.

Rescue procedures

'Confined space regulation 5' states that: person at work shall enter or carry out work in a confined space unless they have been prepared in respect of that confined space suitable and sufficient arrangements for the rescue of persons in the event of an emergency, whether or not arising out of a specified risk.

From low-risk to complex rescue team training to cutting-edge underground search and rescue equipment and techniques, we can offer the most comprehensive confined space rescue training in the UK.

We can also provide you with fully trained and equipped rescue teams (including ex-Special Forces medics) covering all areas, including confined space rescue, trauma care, breathing equipment, resuscitation and gas detection.

First aid

All confined spaces need very specific arrangements in place for the safe rescue of a casualty from a confined space, including providing first aid. We can offer life-saving first aid, from basic medical help to resuscitation, oxygen administration, casualty handling and stretcher loading (for rescue teams).

Equipment advice

Too often we hear about companies being let down by careless suppliers providing overpriced or unsuitable safety equipment. At Airvada, we're experts with a long-standing relationship with some of the best confined space supply companies in the industry. Whatever it is you need - from basic access, gas detection and specialist (both short and long-term rescue and escape) breathing equipment - we can recommend the right equipment and training at the right price.


With our small but unrivalled team of highly-trained and experienced specialists, we offer a consultation service for all categories of confined space needs and all rescue team requirements. We can also give you the advice you need on legislation, classifications, training and equipment.

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