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After 19 years in the saturation diving industry, I was head-hunted by Tony Ridley Hyperbaric Associates Ltd, world leaders in their field, to help improve safety standards in hyperbaric tunnelling, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Hyperbaric tunnelling involves working inside the head of a tunnel boring machine and pressurised tunnels in highly unstable conditions, often under pressure. Those working under these conditions are at risk of serious affliction and injury, such as decompression sickness (the bends). New safety legislation was introduced in 1997, and I continue to provide my expertise in hyperbaric services. I've also trained confined space rescue teams on major projects such as Crossrail, Costain, Murphy's, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the Shieldhall Strategic Tunnel, the Belfast Sewer Project, Line 4 Metro Caracas in Venezuela, the Sao Paulo Line 9 Extension in Brazil, the Line 1 Metro de Panama and CICE Notre de Rio, Medellin, in Columbia.

Since 2007 I've also provided confined space training and assessment services to several national training providers, such as HSS Training, Develop, Total Access and CSS Worksafe to above City & Guilds Confined Spaces standard, including Rescue and Extrication of Casualties and supervision. My clients include Severn Trent Water, British Telecom, Rolls Royce Aviation, Oderbrecht, Ferrovial, Costain, Murphy's, Crossrail, Hochtief and Morgans / Farran.

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With over ten years experience in voluntary UK underground search and rescue teams, and with a small team of highly-skilled specialists, we have incorporated innovative, easy to use modern rescue techniques into the commercial confined space industry, making Airvada the most experienced company in high-risk confined spaces in the UK.

Daniel Murray
Managing Director
Airvada Ltd.

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